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About Us
World Trust has a global aim is to help people who are unable to adequately fund their health care.

We are just as unhappy as you about the increasingly high cost of prescription drug prices around the world, so we are doing something about it!

Our focus is on improving your health whilst protecting your wealth.
We can help dramatically lower your prescription only medication costs by up to 95% in many cases.
In a world of ever increasing economic uncertainty and increasing healthcare costs, you need a company you can trust who will deliver your prescription only medications on time and at an affordable price.
Our Mission Statement : is a profit sharing pharmacy website whose aim is to ensure anyone/anywhere can afford prescription only drugs - in a simple, safe and trustworthy environment.
Our three key missions to help make prescription drugs more affordable are:
Product Mission - To provide our customers with simple, convenient and affordable access to prescription only drugs from some of the worlds leading pharmaceutical manufacturers via a global network of trusted pharmacies
Community Mission - Utilise the power of global communities to help lower the cost of prescription only drugs for our customers via our profit sharing incentives and low prices.
Economic Mission - We strongly believe in re-distributing wealth and therefore donate an increasing percentage of our profits to local community projects, helping those that are in need of basic food and shelter.

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